PCI Compliant Payments Across Channels

Take payments across channels, including voice, web, mobile, chat or talking to a contact centre employee

PCI Solutions

If you have PCI challenges we can help you solve them with multi-channel payments technology

Call Centre

Taking a payment from somebody while talking to them on the phone is a common PCI problem that we solve.

Automated Call

We can provide you with an automated payment solution that will answer your calls and handle your payments.


No matter what ChatBot platform you can integrate a payment form dynamically to take payments for that user.


We support any PCI compliant payment provider/gateway and are already integrated with PayPal and Braintree.


The Camlin Payment feature is fully PCI DSS 3.2 Compliant as a 'Service Provider' for your security.

PCI Compliant Solutions

The payments service provides a PCI/DSS compliant capability within the platform, enabling trusted and secure multi-channel payment functionality. Inherently designed to simplify commercials transactions across voice (phone calls), visual (phone/PC browser) text (SMS, ChatBot) and human (contact centre agent) channels. We meet the PCI Service-Provider level of compliance, enabling Nuamedia to process and manage payments on your behalf.

Multi-Channel Commerce

Instead of you creating multiple applications to handle payments, you can use one payment application to run across many channels automatically.

Solving your call centre payments challenges while also providing modern digital payment methods with PayPal and Braintree and visual channel support.

Call Centre

Take credit card or PayPal payments from somebody while talking to them on the phone

A common issue for people wanting to take payments when talking to somebody on a phone is that the person will need to tell you their credit card details.

To avoid the PCI compliance issues with taking card details over the phone, we provide a service that allows you to transfer (or conference) the call with an automated service that allows the caller to enter their details without your knowledge of those details.

Please take a look at the diagram below as an example of a payment scenario

Automated Call

Take payments via an automated phone call using voice or digital channels

We can provide you with an automated phone number in the cloud that can take and process all your credit card and PayPal payments. Callers will be greeted with your company greeting and asked to enter their credit card details on the phone.

The phone number can also overlay a digital/visual channel in the callers phone or PC browser via an SMS or email. This is useful when the caller wants to make a digital payment while the call is still going or after the caller has decided to hang up.

Please take a look at the diagram below as an example of a payment scenario.

Chatbot and SMS Payments

Take payments while in a ChatBot session - either via input of payment details straight into the ChatBot or via an automatic URL to a Web session.
You can even take payments while in a ChatBot session via SMS with an automatic URL link.

Paypal, Braintree and Other Payment Providers

A Camlin payment App can take payments made by debit/credit card, PayPal and Braintree and can even store credit cards in a wallet.

If you have another payment provider that you would like to use and it is PCI compliant then it only takes a few hours for us to set that up and start processing payments for you.

PCI DSS 3.2 Certification

Nuamedia have PCI Certification at the 'Service Provider' level which allows us to do payments on your behalf.

If you would like to know more about our payments solutions for PCI compliance then please get in touch