This is what we do and how we provide value to our customers


We have created an Omnichannel platform that simplifies CX across channels.


Apps can be visual, speech driven, chatbot, and even an API, all-in-one.


CX can be standardised across many channels which increases consistency.

Managed Service

Managed Services and an experienced 24/7 Help-desk in Australia and UK.


PCI Complaint Payments across channels - Stripe and Paypal integration.


Biometrics and Identity as a Service, specializing in voice technology.

Omnichannel CX

Visual App Builder

Enjoy being able to create a journey of your customers experience and then apply that to any channel.

Code Free Capability

A Camlin App can be built without writing a line of code, everything (even business logic) is created visually.


An application has the ability to write its own documentation! Very useful to maintain apps over time.

Cloud or On-Premise

The Camlin Connect Omnichannel platform runs in the cloud, in a cloud-hybrid scenario, or on-premise.


One Application - Any Channel

To learn about how Camlin Apps run across all channels and platforms

Camlin Apps

Omnichannel CX

The drag-n-drop tools allow you to create and manage all of your CX in one place.


Managed Services

Our team has a lot of experience to bring to any project, we can either lead a project for you from conception to deployment and support and maintenance. Or we can slot into an existing team and start working with you to deliver the best outcome and technology set possible.


PCI Compliant Solutions

Multi-Channel Secure Payments via Voice, Bot, Web, SMS and Call Centre.

The payments service provides a PCI/DSS compliant capability within the platform, enabling trusted and secure multi-channel payment functionality. Inherently designed to simplify commercials transactions across multi-channels.

Multi-Channel Commerce

Solving your call centre payments challenges while also providing modern digital payment methods with PayPal and Braintree and visual channel support.

Free 45 Minute Workshop

We are always keen to understand what CX technologies our clients are using. We offer a free 45 minute workshop to better understand your CX environment to help us build a better platform.

In return, we provide you recommendations on how to reduce the complexity of your CX environment and options to reduce costs while decreasing app development cycle time.