Camlin Video is an API enabled video service that connects people via secure and intelligent video streams. With advanced features like auto-translation and transcription, chatbots, multi-channel and biometrics. You can easily integrate and utilise the best available voice and video technology inside your applications.

Any Scale

Built with the intention to provide secure and scalable communication capabilities for video chat and conferencing to any organisation size

API Driven

Allows seamless integration into your environment and applications with a set of rich programmable API’s, we also provide a non-API interface

Camlin Voice

Integrated with Camlin Voice for advanced speech features like auto-translation, auto-transcription, biometrics and sentiment analysis


You can even build your very secure HD Video and Voice Applications inside the provided Camlin Connect Studio (Omnichannel Application builder)


Leverage the Camlin AI and Machine Learning plug-ins to all common NLU, ML and Speech engines. Including multi-lingual chatbots and live chat


Overlay voice and video biometrics capabilities into your video streams for advanced security and identity of people in the video conversations

Video Calling and Conferencing

Like you have never seen before, with advanced AI, speech and biometrics capability overlaid.

Security In-Mind

Security of conversations are paramount and designed into every facet of the service

Suitable for all levels of secure networks and architectures

API or Packaged

The advanced technology provided can be integrated into your web or mobile applications using a fully featured API

A packaged solution can be provided where Nuamedia will host and build a solution for you. Contact us at for more information

A free trial can be arranged

Just drop us a message and we can setup a free trial of the technology.

We will get back to you straight away and your information is safe with us, we don't share it or use it without your permission.