CX Flow Builder

Using the drag-n-drop browser based visual flow builder, CX focussed apps are created in hours

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Apps can not only run across channels, they also take advantage of unique CPaaS technology.



In 2011 it was clear that new communication channels and platforms would be launched into the market at an ever-increasing rate, making a consistent experience across channels difficult.

Nuamedia was started with the goal to create a market leading CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) product focused on reducing costs, complexity and effort while improving CX.

Camlin Connect is the first CPaaS platform that provides CX focused online tools where you can create apps that run on all platforms and channels automatically, dynamically and with AI intelligence.

Leading Australian companies like Optus, AMP and the Commonwealth Bank have exploited Camlin Connect since the launch. Our customers in the UK and Europe can now get in-country support from a local Nuamedia team. Check out our vacancies.

Your developers and business analysts are looking for low-code environments for rapid, agile application creation. Camlin Connect has the most innovative and intuitive code-free CX tools available, and the browser based studio eliminates wasted effort and reduces project team and technology requirements.

Subscribe and soar with Camlin Connect. We have designed it for your rapid success. If you do need assistance to fast-track your success, Nuamedia can support you through project design, development, testing and maintenance with professional services and help-desk support.

Secure Payments

If you need to take secure PCI compliant payments on the phone, automatically by voice, SMS, PayPal or Braintree.


Protected Networks

We are working with protected level government cloud solutions and have migrated large-scale IT and voice platforms to the cloud.


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